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Case studies

Daimaru Tetsuko Co., Ltd.

Daimaru Tetsuko Co., Ltd.

Daimaru Tetsuko Co., Ltd. was established in 1967 in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. Since 1979, we have been operating the Sakai Factory in Sashima-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture, and now we are engaged in the stamping, can manufacturing, welding, machining, and stainless steel businesses of steel plates with the same base as our main factory. In February 2022, the Direct Energy Deposition Additive Manufacturing System LAMDA was introduced. We interviewed Mr. Yoshiki Ota, President and CEO, Mr. Yoshihiko Ota, Managing Director, and Mr. Yoshiki Sakai, Production Engineering Department, Sales Department.

Profile of Mr. Tetsuko Daimaru


With an integrated production system of press (bending / drawing) processing, can manufacturing welding processing, and machining, we are engaged in the production of parts mainly for large specially equipped vehicles and construction machinery. In the stainless steel business, we develop original products and manufacture and sell fuel tanks for trucks and emergency water supply tank system "Mizugame-kun" for disaster prevention.

Management Philosophy


"Manufacturing that keeps evolving"
With the earth, with the times, with the market, with customers, with employees

Interview with Mr. Tetsuko Daimaru

From left: Yoshiki Sakai, Sales Department / Production Engineering Department, Keiki Ota, Representative Director, Yoshihiko Ota, Managing Director

Q: Please tell us about the background of the introduction.

President Ota At our company, "stainless steel tanks" used as fuel tanks for trucks account for about 30% of sales, but we expect that the market will become smaller as automobiles become EVs in the future. Even if trucks don't become EVs as quickly as passenger cars, I wanted to prepare for the time when they would come.
Under such circumstances, there was a call for a business restructuring subsidy system, and we decided to consider entering the AM business (*). This is a challenge that is completely different from the conventional press, can welding, and machining, and looks ahead to 5 and 10 years from now. Although it was difficult to apply for the system, I was able to utilize the system safely.

* AM: Additive Manufacturing Laminated modeling

Q: How is the reaction from the surroundings after introducing LAMDA?

Managing Director Ota I may be surprised because the specific customers of the AM business have not been decided. However, I was surprised when I introduced the MVR40 gate-shaped Double-Column, 5-Face Milling Machines in 2018. At that time, the only direction that had been decided was to aim for integrated production of metal processing, but since then, the machining business has been on track. The same is true for this AM. In fact, the AM industry shows that Europe and the United States are ahead and there is a market, and we believe that the number of customers will increase if we strengthen ourselves through trial and error.

Installed in February 2022 LAMDA200 and all employees. On the far left is the Nidec Machine Tool trainer.

Q: What kind of work do you plan to work on in the future?

Managing Director Ota Mainly manufactures parts for electric vehicles and aircraft. Currently, I am working in fields such as trucks, construction machinery, and bridges, but I expect to have new channels through the challenge of the AM business. Currently, most of the work is mass production. At AM, we will handle one item such as prototypes and test materials. We believe that these will be products that allow us to make our own prices and express our strengths.

Sakai Employees Currently, five employees are studying AM, and while receiving operational training, I am thinking about how to use AM. Since we use a press machine, I wonder if it can be used to repair the dies and jigs, or if we can make a custom-made holder used in MVR in a short delivery time.

In order to manufacture usable products, it is necessary to clear quality assurance aspects such as strength and penetration, and it is still in the future. However, as is the case at our site, even if you think "I want the same thing as this", if it is a custom-made product, there will be no drawings or the delivery time will be longer. I feel that there is a possibility that there is demand in such places.

Another thing that everyone often says, "I wish I could do something like this," is a "golf club." Since the inside is hollow, it is suitable for AM. I'm also talking about a dream that I should develop an alloy that flies well, make a prototype, try it out, and go well.

Q: You're having a hard time, but you're having fun and working on it.

Sakai employee That's right. AM requires various knowledge about welding and materials, and it is difficult to analyze and improve the phenomenon of laminated molding. But there is also fun there. I want to steadily acquire it while playing. The goal of the members who are studying is "to be able to produce finished products for everyone".

President Ota We value the idea of "growing oneself while working," that is, "nurturing oneself." The company motto is "honesty, originality, and courage." A company that takes on challenges and grows. I would be extremely happy if I could meet new customers and new products and grow my employees with the start of the AM business.

Daimaru Tetsuko Co., Ltd. Basic information

Daimaru Tetsuko Co., Ltd. Basic information

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Homepage: https://www.daimaru-tekko.co.jp/

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